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Beijing Road

Beijing RoadBeijing Road was one of the most famous streets of Shanghai in 1870s which is located at downtown Shanghai. It was 1683m long at that time with lots of stores and theaters along it. Beijing Road was called Lijiazhuang Road in late 19th century after it had just been built.

In early 20th century, many Chinese and foreign banks moved here. This area has become famous for its business and shopping like the Wall Street in New York. Most famous businessmen and bankers appeared here often for their trade. It collected all of the famous banks, pawnshops and jewelry stores along this street.

After the Liberation in 1949, this street changed its name as Beijing Road. All of banks and pawnshops along this street were closed down. The government planned to develop this street as a professional construction material street. From then on, more and more material stores moved here in favor of the rules of government.

Since 1990s, Beijing Road has been rebuilt as a modern professional construction material street with lots of advanced public establishments. Nowadays, Beijing Road is one of the most famous streets in modern Shanghai where you are valuable to visit.

Beijing Road