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Caishi Street

The origin of Caishi Street dates back to the Second Year (1863) of Tongzhi Emperor of the Qing Dynasty, during which a long and narrow street was built, Ningxing Street. The actual location of it was in the place surrounded by East Yan'an Road at its south, East Jinling Road north, West Tibet Road east and South Shandong Road at the west. Presently Caishi Street, which means "Vegetable Market Street", is being called as East Ninghai Road (since 1945).

In the year 1864, by obtaining the approval of the French Concession authority, two foreign businessmen built a giant canopy, an indoor Central Vegetable Market had been established and begun to serve the public on the New Year's Day in the following year. The market had introduced some new management measures like vendors and hawkers should pay a certain sum of rent when they want to enter and sell their agricultural products. In such a new condition, all the sellers were reluctant to pay the money, so that the vegetable market had to close less than a year after its opening. Historically, the short-lived Central Vegetable Market is the first subsidiary foodstuff market in Shanghai. People loved to call it Caishi Street in memory of the market.

Before 1950s, both sides of the busy Caishi Street kinds of meat, egg, poultry shops and wine cellars as well as delicatessens were set up. On the west of the street the Dajing Theater was there, this and the street market brought out the best in each other.

Since 1950s, the big, outdoor East Ninghai Road Vegetable Market was opened, but in 1990s these vendors and hawkers had all been moved indoor.