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Chuansha Town

Chuansha Town is located at the eastern outskirts of Shanghai with the total area of 448.65 square kilometers with a population of 605,900. The shoreline is 59.73 kilometers (46.43 kilometers of the coast). It’s the Yangtze River’s entrance of the East Sea. So it is very important. The main landform of this town is plain. The town has character of the south part of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River and seashore.

Chuansha Town was famous for its planting and stock raising. From Yuan Dynasty, this town became a rich town with booming business. After several-hundred-year development, in 19th century, the town was the relatively rich town in Shanghai, and had the advanced seaport at that time. The plant was popular in China ant it was sold to Europe and America. But Anti-Japanese War destroyed the town. After the new China was founded, the town was resumed in economy by CPC and new government’s help.

Chuansha Town becomes a new modern town after reform and opening. Based on the special geographical position, the town shows its value nowadays. Also the blue sea and sunshine beach will be a good place for holiday with China’s style.