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Dongtai Road

The area is not so popular among common local people, but for Shanghai's antique lovers, the Curio Market at the corner of Dongtai Road and Liuhe Road is their favorite place to go. Known as Shanghai's equivalent of Beijing's Liulicang, the Curio Market has often been crowded with people who are interesting in old things. It is one of the places that are most attractive to foreign tourists in Shanghai.

In the marketplace, there is a magnificent archway erected with a golden inscription plaque "Dongtai Road Curio Market" by a famous Chinese calligrapher. The Chinese characters on the plaque are elegantly strong and very eye-catching. Inside the 200m street, about 125 antique shops can be seen, displaying lots of ancient potteries, bronze wares, tin utensils and jade articles so on. Interesting calendars and commercial posters with beautiful women in Qipao printed from 1930s Shanghai. Old electronic fans, gramophones with big horns and lovely cigarette lighters are to be found too. The curio market will have a lot of strange, extraordinary and rare things to be waiting you to find anyway.

Behind the little old handicrafts house, a few curio shops are located. Beautiful ancient architectural details can be worth appreciated. These shops exhibit and sell handicrafts and fine art miniatures of different characteristics of their own. For many years, Dongtai Road has been the most competitive antique market in Shanghai. In addition to the indoor shops, individual stalls on the street selling old things are as much attractive as those shops.