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Dongxin Bridge Area

Dongxin BridgeThere is a famous bridge over the Jing Brook called Dongxin Bridge. Around this bridge was a famous business area before, called Dongxin Bridge Business Area.

The Dongxin Bridge Area is located at the crossing of South Zhejiang Road and East Yan’an Road which along the Jing River. In late 19th century, it used to be a famous business area with lots of leatherwear and handicraft stores, restaurants, theaters and cinemas along it. The most famous entertainment here is tea houses. An Islamic mosque is built too. The busy traffic, noisy trade was its own character at that time. In 1914, this area became the heart of Huangpu District.

This area became quiet after the Liberation of Shanghai in 1949. Because of the economy of China was not advanced at that moment, lots of business area in Shanghai had to close down, but restaurants and hotels were still flourishing in Dongxin Bridge at that time. Since the Reform and Opening-up implemented 30 years ago, Shanghai has been developed fast with the new rules. Dongxin Bridge Area also resumed as before.

Nowadays, Dongxin Bridge Area becomes a good place for entertainment and shopping. You will find something left from old in this famous area, and also you could learn something about Chinese culture.