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Duolun Road

Chinese Left-wing Authors' AllianceIn the north of downtown Shanghai, there is a scenic street which demonstrated the glory and the humanities of old Shanghai. Duolun Road is not a long street, just 550m in length and not so wide either, but it embraces the greatest essences of modern Chinese cultural history. It is a place that we should treasure now and in the future because it is an enormous cultural and historical heritage of China.

Duolun Road is paved with elegant stone pieces of different shapes and shades, newly repaired and renovated low-rise, beautiful, European-style old houses are built along the scenic street. The people, regardless they are locals or tourists at home and abroad, their walking paces are quite leisurely. It seems that you are not touring in a big and busy city.

Duolun RoadPerhaps it is quite hard to find the actual location of the street in a so-so Shanghai map (it will be a little bit easier to find if you see North Sichuan Road, a busy business street in town), but in the modern Chinese history, Duolun Road has been an important place for eminent and patriotic litterateurs of China in 1920s and 30s. Notable writers like Lu Xun, Guo Moruo and Mao Dun had gathered here to discuss how to save China which was so deep in crisis at that time. There are sculptures of these eminent writers quite near the southeast entrance of the graceful street, and the famous Chinese Left-wing Authors' Alliance is situated on a short lane linked to the middle of Duolun Road. The alliance was founded in 1930 under the principles and leadership of Lu Xun and the CPC. It emphasized on promoting Marxist thoughts through progressive and Duolun Roadmeaningful articles and essays, aiming to awake the people's awareness of building a must stronger nation. It had also smashed the "cultural cleansing" by the Kuomintang at that time. The Left-wing Authors' Alliance was disbanded in spring 1936. The site is now open to tourists and used as a moral educational base in Shanghai.

Xue's Mansion on 66 Duolun Road was built about 1920. It was the residence of the Xue's family. The architecture of the mansion was according to the style during the King George period in Britain. Today the Xue's Mansion is used as a traditional fine art salon. A majestic bell tower is erected in the small and flowery garden besides the mansion, its appearance is of English style too.

Just opposite to Xue's Mansion is the Hongde Temple which is a Christian church. It was built in 1928 by an American Presbyterian Church. It is noted for its Chinese temple architectural style, which is the only Christian Church in Shanghai City that having such eye-catching Xue's Mansionfeature.

The Old Film Café, if you not to go inside and taste a cup of coffee, you may at least to take some time to appreciate the nostalgic appearance of the building, romantic surroundings and the small, funny carved figure who has a red rose in his right hand and puts one of his fingers in his mouth. The pictures of the movie stars of 1920s and 30s in Shanghai are being displayed inside. Films from 1920s to 40s are screened on a back projection television placed besides the cashier counter, you can select your favorite movies to be played too. On the second floor a German made 8mm film projector is the main thing that attracts tourists' interest. Going upstairs, you can see the surrounding scenery of some great, old buildings. It is an excellent place that is a pity to be missed in a Shanghai tour! 

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