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East Jinling Road

East Jinling RoadEast Jinling Road is at southwestern Huangpu District in Shanghai. In late 19th century, this area was a famous market which Chinese and foreign businessmen liked to do their trade. In 1850s, this area was belonged to French Concession. The French colonists set up a lot of stores, theaters restaurants and casinos here. That made this area becomes a famous entertainment street at that time.

In early 20th century, lots of Chinese entered this area for trade. Some newspapers also set their offices here. This street was named as “East Jinling Road” after China's victory ofEast Jinling Road the Anti-Japanese War. 

From then on, this street had been rebuilt as a shopping street in Huangpu District. After Reform and Opening-up, East Jinling Road was decorated as a garden street with modern technique. Lots of world's famous companies set their stores here, including shops that sell quality musical instruments. In 1995, the government set the Shanghai Museum here. Two years later, the Shanghai Labor Union Building was built here.

In the new century, East Jinling Road shows us a modern vision as a shopping and leisure street. It’s the brand of Shanghai and one of the classic places of Shanghai tour.