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Fahua Pagoda and Confucius Temple in Jiading

Fahua PagodaIn the beautiful center of Jiading Town at northwest Shanghai, you will see lot of pretty boutiques run by local people, the young girls walking down the street are in gorgeous clothes too. But after all Jiading has always been regarded a famous ancient town in East China, when you walk more deep inside the town, you will find some most interesting things in Shanghai, at least you will not be disappointed - Fahua Pagoda and Confucius Temple.

The elegant pagoda was built during the Song Dynasty between 1205 and 1207, after a decade or more it became the center of Jiading Town, because it was the tallest construction in the town. Fahua Pagoda had been repaired in grand scale about a hundred years later. By the time of the Ming Dynasty, it was in a very bad shape again, with only the base was still sound. The condition had been existed until the year 1608, when a Ming official raised fund in order to solve the serious problem. He did it successfully and maintained the seven-level pagoda structure which made of bricks and wooden materials. Height about 40m, with elegant eaves fences on each layer, which could be reached through ladders inside. You can climb (the precondition is that you are not too big !) and walk slowly on it, but be mind you head and steps ! Lookout at the top level, you may be moved by the picturesque scenery of ancient Chinese houses which mostly of two-storey of white walls and black tile roofs. You may also see happy children playing on the street or in playground. Watch farther, you can see some high rise commercial buildings.

On Chengnan Dajie Road, so near to the Fahua Pagoda, Jiading Confucius Temple is located. It was built 1219 at the Fahua Pagodatime of the Southern Song Dynasty and it had been expanded many times during its long history. Thus this Confucius Temple is a relatively bigger one among the ancestral temples in the lower reaches of Yangtze River. There are lot of grand halls and majestic temples in the site, also a small beautiful lake with old bridges, which are the favorite of tourists at home and abroad as well as a popular wedding photography location.

Trees and grasses everywhere, the architecture is solely of ancient Chinese style, quite simple but so impressive. You may choose a weekday that the Confucius Temple will not be quite crowded and you will feel the tranquil air of ancient time. Look at the solemn face of the statue of Confucius, which stands inside the main hall, the power of wisdom of the great sage you can feel, regardless you know his thoughts or not.

China's imperial examination had been a system in choosing government officials initiated in the Sui Dynasty, officially established in the Tang Dynasty and abolished at the end of the Qing Dynasty. "Publicizing the examination, competing fairly and appointing the best" had been the principle that the system always adhered. Many great statesmen of old China came from the system had demonstrated their political talents and contributed much in China's history. Imperial examination system had also influenced and enlightened the educational thoughts in Western countries in the past centuries. China Imperial Examination Museum is just neighboring to the Jiading Confucius Temple, it trace the long history of the unique educational system in any important detail. Evolution of imperial examination, the relation of such system to Confucianism and civilization, and examination procedures are being displayed in pictures, words and articles.

Confucius TempleConfucius TempleConfucius Temple










Confucius TempleConfucius TempleConfucius Temple