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Fengcheng Town

Fengcheng Town is located at southeastern Shanghai that has a total area about 787 sq. km with a population of 10,000.

Fengcheng Town was set up in early Qing Dynasty and administrated under the Shanghai government at that time. By the Qing government’s help, the town's development had been fast as market between urban and rural areas. So the town’s center is two street markets, North Street and South Street. The South Street is the main business market of this town which full of diversified stores. The citizens came here for fresh vegetables and country products and the villagers sold something in the city from the rural areas. Therefore the business was booming here both for citizens and villagers.

But the Anti-Japanese War destroyed the town and ruined everything there. After the China’s new government was founded in 1949, the rebuilding of the town began and aimed to restore its prosperity in the past. After several years' development including the time after Reform and Opening, Fengcheng Town shows us a new vision as a modern town nowadays. With complete and advanced public establishment, this town holds it own hospital and local education department. The industry also is developing fast under CPC’s leadership. Many diversified factories have been set up here.

There are some monuments carved the crime of Japanese had done in the town has been built. These relics caution everyone that advancement is the best way to obtain peace for the country.