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Foodstuff Markets


agricultural product marketFor housewives or to those who would like to have their meals at home, local foodstuff market is a must go place when they want to buy their favorite ingredients home. It provides budget, fresh and quality vegetables, meat and poultry products, which are from the outskirts of the cities or remote countryside. If you travel to China and would like to know more about the daily life of common Chinese people, visit one or two agricultural product markets is very essential for a China city tour.

Agricultural product and foodstuff markets are being evenly distributed around downtown and some areas in the outskirts. There must be a few ones in a densely populated neighborhood or near a high living standard residential community. Vendors sell by shouting aloud that their products are very good quality with reasonable prices. Sorts of fresh vegetable can be chosen when you are roaming in the giant marketplace. The eggplants and tomatoes are vivid in colors and of course, very fresh too. Basic foodstuffs like potatoes, rice, bean vermicelli and noodles (but no bread is seen) can be bought home. You will closely see the fat and strong butcher chopping his meat (pork or beef) products prepared to sell to his customers. For poultry sections, the chickens and ducks are hung at the stall's window.

However, you may feel that the shopping environment in foodstuff market is not so good, because it is quite dirty and sometimes so chaotic. Water will be flowing all around the market floor. You may prefer to buy your favorite goodies in newly opened supermarket. Nowadays in Hangzhou and Shanghai, some modernized agricultural product markets have been established. They have reasonable layout inside and excellent hygienic control. And many conventional market conditions are getting improved.