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Fumin Street

Shanghai Fumin Street Merchandise Market is in the Yuyuan Commercial Tourism Area, which is a big, all time prosperous shopping mall not far from the Bund and the famous Nanjing Road. The market is one of the places that has successfully moved from outdoor to indoor since the Reform and Opening-up, with relatively adequate merchandises to be chosen and attracted many shopping lovers to come and buy.

The market has been a miniature of China's development in commodities and merchandises retailing industry in recent decades. It forms part of Shanghai's commodity exchange market and reflects the actual implementation of the Reform and Opening-up in the city. It is especially important to the development process of the privately-owned economies in China. In its 18-year history, the merchandise market initially consisted of outdoor small stalls, but today it has become an air-conditioned shopping mall with escaladers. There are about 1,000 shops that sell articles concerning wedding and some happy occasions, stationery, home electrical appliances and many attractive goodies which you can find something you would like.

In 1998 Shanghai Fumin Street Merchandise Market Company Limited was found. They have improved the internal management mechanism and done something innovative in their marketing strategy. So nowadays the merchandise market has become one of the best shopping malls in Shanghai.