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Fuzhou Road

Fuzhou RoadFuzhou Road is located on the riverbank of Huangpu River. It is one of the four oldest streets which were touched the Huangpu River in 19th century. The total length of this road is 1453m.

In 1850s, the foreign leases occupied this area for building a church. After that, this road called Laobosanwoke Road at that time. Ten years later, there were several banks were set up along this road, then, more and more businessmen came here for doing their trade. The service industry was spring up soon. Hotels, cinemas, theaters were here and there. In early 20th century, many newspaper offices were set up here such as “Shanghai Times” and “News”. This street became a main area about politics and media.

In 1916, there were more than 51 newspaper offices along this street. After the Xinhai Revolution of 1911, more and more newspaper sustains the revolution. They published some articles which were written by Marx and Lenin to propagandize the new and advanced opinion. In 1932, Mr Zhou Taofeng set up the Life Book Store along this Fuzhou Roadstreet for selling the books which won praises. The books were popular here which were written by famous authors Mao Dun, Shen Yangbing and Tian Han. This area is always popular with authors and litterateurs. Lots of litterateurs came here for their career and issue their opinion. In 1946, it changed its name as Fuzhou Road.

After the liberation, all the stores and newspaper offices were belonged to the government. And these stores began to sell everything accorded with new rules. The new restaurants, bookstores, newspaper offices are developing well by the help of the government. In the period between 1961 and 1978, because of the nature environment and queasy government, the business had to stop. Since the Reform and Opening-up, Chinese economy has been developed fast. Shanghai government ordered to rebuild Fuzhou Road as a Chinese culture and literature street which won its character.

In the new century, Shanghai Book Store was built along this famous street. Lots of stationery stores and bookstores are also built here. This street is prized as “Book World and Knowledge Ocean”.

Fuzhou RoadFuzhou RoadFuzhou Road