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Gaoqiao Town

Gaoqiao TownGaoqiao Bridge was also known as the Weng's Bridge, which had been built during the Qing Dynasty. Because the bridge was not high ("gao" means "high" in Chinese) above the local river's surface but very famous locally, the Weng's Bridge was later renamed Gaoqiao Bridge and the ancient town obtained the bridge's name too. Gaoqiao Town is in the north of Shanghai's Pudong Area, having an area of approximately 1.2 sq. km with a population about 18 thousands. Nanxiang Town and Zhongxing Town are its neighbors.

In ancient times the Gaoqiao Town had been administrated under Kunshan County (which now under Jiangsu Province's administration). During the Southern Song Dynasty (1127 - 1279) Jiading County annexed the town. In the late 1920s Gaoqiao Town was belonged to Shanghai's Special City. Since 1958 Gaoqiao Town has been governed under Pudong Area of Shanghai City.

The main industries in Gaoqiao Town are petrol and chemical. There are five chemical plants in this town nowadays, about one in ten of villagers work in these factories. Textile design and traditional embroidery are the specialties here too.