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Huinan Town

Huinan Town is located in southeastern Shanghai which has a population of 25 thousand. The total area of the town is more than 1.5 sq. km.

Huinan Town was a martial fortification in the Yuan Dynasty. Because of its position, the main seaport and the entrance of Nanhui Bay, it was important for Shanghai’s safety from the old times. The town was close in city-wall for defending the town from attack. There was a bell-tower in the center of this town which was the town’s symbol. There were four gates in every side of the city wall in traditional style of Chinese city layout.

But after the Anti- Japanese War and civil war in China, all of buildings have been destroyed in Huinan Town. The circumvallation, the belfry was put down, and left nothing. After liberation, the entire town was restored as a modern business town. Many ethical stores and national factories were set up in this new town. The society is well-developed as the all-round harmony.

Nowadays, Huinan Town holds its own hospitals, schools, libraries and so on. All the public service sectors are established for use. The environment is clear and clean. It becomes a modern town which is suit for business and tourism with the help of its convenient traffic system. It’s also a good choice for your holiday and shopping here.