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Huo Yuan-jia

Huo Yuanjia as the founder of Jingwumen was a famous patriotic martial master in Modern China.In his early life, he created Chin Woo Athletic Association in Shanghai. Huo Yuanjia was born in Hebei Province; he was frail and exercised the Kongfu for body-building. But he was smart and understood the essence and core of Kongfu easily.

In 1910s, Huo Yuanjia with his students Zhang Wen Daan Liu and Zhengsheng went to Shanghai for two times to accept an open challenge from a British boxer named Hercules O'Brien. But the match suffered from disagreement over the rules. Hercules O'Brien insisted on Western boxing rules. While Huo Yuanjia, was accustomed to the Chinese Leitai rules, these are two different styles of rules. Finally, they both agreed that the first participant knocking down his counterworker would be considered the winner. Huo beat O'Brien easily and his fame expanded rapidly.

Zhang Wen Dat, the teacher of the hooligan, whom Huoyuanjia beat, held a month-long Kongfu contest and invited many contestants for drawing Huo Yuanjia. But Huo Yuanjia thought it was insignificant and meaningless, so he rejected to attend. But Zhang Wendat, abetted by entourage of Shanghai, publicized a notice to challenge Huo Yuanjia openly. Huo Yuanjia was ill and ordered his student Liu Zhengshen to attend the openly challenge, the result of the contest was a draw. Huo Yuanjia wanted to end this meaningless competition via handshaking. But Zhang Wendat did not allow. Huo Yuanjia had no choice but to accept challenge. He easily defeated Zhang Wen Dat with just two moves. Huo told Zhang Wendat that he lack of humbleness and caution and only for revenge without improving himself in spirit. As the wide use of guns and powers, the traditional Martial arts lost its function to some extent

Nevertheless, Huo Yuanjia did give Chinese people hope and a sense of pride with his victories over the foreign challengers. He was considered as the best martial arts fighter at that time. Later, due to Japanese jealousy and fear, Huo Yuanjia was poisoned to death by Japanese. His student Chen Zhen was another great master of Martial arts, in much folklore; these two men were both considered as the spiritual symbol of Chinese self-improvement.

Huo Yuanjia was famous for its excellent martial arts and the great patriotism. The patriotism he called for was extensively spread with his influence. For celebrating this great master, people established his cemetery garden and carved the epigraph ”Shangwujingshen”, four Chinese characters, from Sun Yat-sen.