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Jardine Matheson House

British firm Jardine Matheson was established in Canton, China on July 1, 1832 by two Scotsmen William Jardine (1784 - 1843) and James Matheson (1796 - 1878). At first the firm was engaging tea and opium trade between Britain, India and China. The sinister drug trade had angered the governor of Guangdong, Lin Zexu, the Chinese national hero who led the mass burning of opium in the year 1839. William Jardine then lobbied the British government to wage a war with China and wanted Hong Kong to be a trade port for the country. Hong Kong became the Crown Colony in 1841 after the Opium War, Jardine Matheson then moved its headquarters to Hong Kong from Canton in the following year. Shanghai division of the company was established in 1843. Since 1872 Jardine abandoned the opium trade, and engaged various kinds of trade and industry on Mainland China and in Hong Kong, including finance, wharfs and railways. Jardine's headquarters had moved to Shanghai since 1912 and returned to Hong Kong in 1954. Today Jardine Matheson is registered in Bermuda and on stock markets in Singapore and London.

Near the scenic Bund, Jardine Matheson House is on 27 Zhongshan Road East No. 1. It was built in 1922. After Shanghai's Liberation in 1949, the building was for the use of Shanghai Foreign Trade Company. It had been known locally as "Foreign Trade House".

The completion of the Jardine Matheson House was in 1922, the architectural style was in British neo-classical. Initially it had five stories but added two more in 1980. It is divided into three sections in terms of architecture : the first comprised 1st and 2nd floors. The doors and windows of this part are in Roman style arch on their tops, and granite is used for the walls. The second section is between third and fifth floors, which have giant columns as support and decoration. There are balconies between these columns. The newly built 6th and 7th are in the third section, a dome is in the center of the beautiful roof garden for raising flag.