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Jiading Town

JiadingJiading Town is located in northern Shanghai City. In ancient times it was called Lianqi City, which name was come from a local river and having a long history. Through centuries of development, Jiading Town had been granted autonomy during the late Qing Dynasty in 1909. The total area of the town at that time was just having a tiny area of 1.79 sq. km with about 9220 inhabitants, and it had been expanded in later times. In 1914, China's Nationalist government upgraded the town's administrative status to city level.

Jiading Town had become a small town under the municipal administration of Shanghai in 1958, and in 1960 it had been upgraded to a "scientific city", which many scientific and engineering departments from famous higher educational institutions in Shanghai were moved there. Since then, the town has been a commercial area. The town has been expanded to 5 sq. km of area with about 70,000 inhabitants in the mid-1980s.

Historically, Jiading Town had been a place of bazaar, in which people was mainly doing wood wholesales business, with many other family shops engaging businesses like cotton, rice, silkworm and cloth. During the mid-Qing Dynasty, the fabric business had been prosperous throughout the Jiading Town, people from neighboring areas came here unceasingly to buy the quality cloth products. However, the flourishing cloth business had been gradually declined since the late Qing Dynasty. Meanwhile, the shops that sold rice and pigs were coming forth in town. Later daily commodity shops and drugstores were opened too. 

JiadingThe main street there is about 1.5km in length along the Lianqi River with a beautiful suspension bridge that crosses the river. Up to now, the northern Jiading Town has still been a flourishing commercial area, while in the southern part, there are a wheat flour processing plant and the central hospital. Traffic is very convenient because there are many regional expressways that pass through Jiading Town and link to Shanghai's downtown. Having advantages of historical heritage, commercial prosperity and up-to-date infrastructure, Jiading Town is a modern town ideal for your tour of around Shanghai.