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Jiangwan Town

Jiangwan Town is located at northern Shanghai which has a population of 31,000. The total area of the town is over 0. 66 sq. km. It’s next to Wujiaochang Town in west and Zhabei Town in south.

Jiangwan Town has a history about 1000 years. In Song Dynasty, there was record about this town. In Ming and Qing Dynasties, Jiangwan Town had been developed as a business town with the main seaport in the entrance of Yangtze River. At the height of power and splendor time, there were more than 300 stores along the main streets in late Qing Dynasty. The spinning mills, printworks, rice stores were developing well. And the Wanguo Palaestra was set up in this old town which allured lots of tourists and athletes to come here. In 1920s, the Laodong University, the Chinese Women Association set up here. It became a valuable and main town near Shanghai.

But the Anti-Japanese War destroyed the entire town. After liberation, the town was resumed slowly. But everything was changed after reform and opening, the new factories set up, the new stores were regenerated by the new government.

After stepping in new century, Jiangwan Town showed us a new look as a modern business town. Bargains, diversified stores and factories, every villager’s life are harmonious and happy here. Jiangwan Town has been also developed to be ancient town for tourism and shopping. It’s really a good place for your holiday and shopping Chinese traditional and special products or craftworks.