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Maijiaquan Chinese Culture Area

There is a famous Chinese culture area between Canton (Guangdong) Road and East Shandong Road. Its name is Maijiaquan, a cultural venue which is famous for its Chinese calligraphy and painting.

In 1845, the English missionaries set up the Mohai Book Store here with its accessorial domicile. From then on, Shanghai citizens called here as Maijiaquan. In 1890, the French missionaries built a church next to the Mohai Book Store. In early 19th century, this area has already been a window that the advanced Western knowledge and technology introducing into China. The missionaries had played a vital role in this job, which was very helpful for all of Shanghai at that time.

After that, the friendly French friends here set up the Renji Hospital in helping the poor in 1923. The good medical operation and services made it famous in Shanghai. Lots of patient came here for better care and treatment. After the Liberation of Shanghai, the hospital was christened by the new Chinese government as No. 2 Shanghai Hospital. In 1984, the hospital resumed its names as Shanghai Renji Hospital. At present, this hospital is a modern comprehensive hospital in Shanghai.

Maijiaquan has long history and deep cultural connotation, the Chinese calligraphy and painting stores could be found everywhere. Some specialized book stores are locals' favorite. Nowadays, the Maijiaquan Chinese Culture Area becomes a popular place for holiday, as well as learning and collecting interesting things of old culture.