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Malu Town

It has been heralded as the star of China's rural towns. Malu Town is in the central of Jiading District, Shanghai City. During the long history of its development, Malu Town has been obtained lots of assistants at home and abroad, as well as made use of its own advantages in its geographical location. Vigorous in the industries such as electronics, fashion design, machinery, pharmaceutics and food, Malu Town has always been strong in development of old and new products in these fields. World standard infrastructures and quality auxiliary facilities provide a good environment for investors from around the world nowadays. Top grade hotels, famous real estate agencies and specious shopping malls are coming in Malu Town of Shanghai.

Malu's population is about 51,000, of which around 300 are the ethnic minorities from northern and western China. The majority of the inhabitants here are believed in Buddhism and Taoism, with some people worshipped Protestantism and Roman Catholicism. The number of Protestantism believers is increasing.

Many Chinese celebrities and revolutionists were born in Malu Town. Lou Jian (1553 - 1634) was one of the Four Masters in Calligraphy of Jiading. Some of his literature and calligraphy works are being displayed in Jiading Museum. Dr. Zhang Shanlei was born in 1872, he wrote a lot about Tradition Chinese and Western Medicines. Zhang Naixuan (1926 - 1991) spent his whole life in teaching and writing. He published "The Introduction to National Education".

The revolutionary martyr Zhang Naihuang was born in Malu Town 1914. After the 7th July Lukouchiao Event which was the date that China's Anti-Japanese War begun, he went to Ya'nan in Shaanxi Province to be the captain of one of the guerilla bands of the People's Liberation Army's famous Eight Route Army. He died during a fierce attack by the Japanese army in winter 1938. Zhu Xiangrong (1918 - 1942) went to Nanjing to be the leader of a guerilla area there in 1937. He had been arrested by the militarist aggressor in July 1941 and secretly executed in April 1942.