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Residence of Mao Dun

Mao Dun (born as Shen Dehong, 1896 - 1981) was a modern Chinese writer, cultural and social activist, also one of the new cultural promoters in the May Fourth Movement and contributed much to the revolutionary literature in new China. He was born in agricultural town Wuzhen, northern Zhejiang Province, neighboring Shanghai, which was a place of mixed cultural specailty, thus made Mao Dun to have a bold heart to accept new things that influenced much to his refined writing style.

It was the time of broken up of the second cooperation between the CPC and the KMT in August 1927, and the great revolution had been failed. Mao Dun was a member of the CPC at that time and he had been wanted by the KMT's police. He was at large and in exile in Wuhan, central China. He and his wife secretly arrived at Shanghai, and lived in a house located on 11 Thirty-five Lane, Donghengbang Road, as a friendly neighbor of Ye Shengtao and Lu Xun. Mao Dun dwelled on the third floor. Later, by the suggestion of his friend Chen Wangdao, he went to Japan.

Mao Dun returned Shanghai in April 1933 and anonym as Shen Mingpu. He moved into the Continental Terrace located on Shanyin Road, Hongkou District. He and his wife were living in Hong Kong during the Anti-Japanese War (1937 - 1945), and then returned Shanghai in 1946.