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Nanjing Road

Nanjing RoadNanjing Road is located at the center of Shanghai business area. There are lots of famous stores, mansions, emporiums and bazaars along this street. Its good culture atmosphere and fancy merchandises attract tens of thousands tourists visit here everyday for its heavy culture. Nanjing Road shows us a new look which Chinese culture mixed well with Western culture as a dulcet coalescent. Because of its mixed diversiform elements, it holds much chances and temptations, so it won the name of “Golden Area”. It’s the best sight which you must go and see in Shanghai.

Nanjing Road was set up in 1843. Because of its position, outside the lease, near the hippodrome, it allured lots of riches coming here. Lots of riches coming here for handbookinger that made here became a famous business area in 1860s; it’s also the first business street in Shanghai. After 10 years development, Guangxu emperor spent over 600,000 taels silver on decorating these streets. He planned to outspread and pave goosefoot which came from India cover this famous business street. After the repair, the rudiment of Nanjing Road was founded with the length of 2528 m from the Bund to Nanjing RoadChengdu Road. It’s named Park Lane or Garden Lane at that time.

In early 20th century, some new concepts and advanced techniques were introduced into Shanghai, which made Nanjing Road richer and richer. More and more stores were set up along this famous street, including lots of old Chinese stores such as Zengtai Spinning mill, Laodeji Drugstore and so on.

But the Anti-Japanese War stopped the street’s development for several years. After new China was founded, as the second largest city, Shanghai developed faster than other cities with its own situation. Since the implement of Reform and Opening Policy 30 years ago, a new life has been given to Nanjing Road's development. More and more world class companies and national firms set up their stores along the new business street.

As you see, in new the century, Nanjing Road is the best business street in Shanghai even in China. It’s a good place for your shopping and learning Chinese contemporary culture.

Nanjing RoadNanjing RoadNanjing Road







Nanjing RoadNanjing RoadNanjing Road