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Nichengqiao Business Area

Between Xizang Road and Fengyang Road, there is a busy business area, Nichengqiao Business Area in northern Huangpu District.

In 1848, the Concession of Western countries occupied this area for their living and trade. In early 19th century, this area was developed as a business street which is full of foreign companies and banks. Only a few Chinese local stores were set up here. After 1919, the first railroad car line was through here. Lots of famous cinemas and theaters were built here for the colonist and the locals’ entertainment. Many restaurants that serve Chinese and Western cuisines were set up, and this area became a famous street in old Shanghai.

After the Liberation, Nichengqiao Business Area was located at the traffic fortification of Pengpu Industrial Park, Wusong Industrial Park and Shanghai Railway Station. The traffic here is busy always. Lots of heavy tracks pass here for heavy industry transportation. From then on, Nichengqiao Business Area became one of the busiest areas in Shanghai.

Nowadays, a mass of stores, hotels, uptowns are set up in Nichengqiao Business Area. The famous bathhouse, Daguan Garden Bathhouse which imitates the fitments in the Daguan Garden set in the famous Chinese novel Dream in the Red Mansion is found here. Because of its unique style, many local citizens like to come here for leisure or appreciating the old culture. That will be a good place in your amazing Shanghai tour.