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Night City at Zhabei

The Night City in Zhabei District at Shanghai is an attractive cultural and leisurely place in the city with a total area of 1.4 sq. km. In speaking of Zhabei, it should be mentioned that about 150 years ago, much of the northern part of Shanghai's city center were occupied by Western powers, thus became the notorious Concession, which was much expanded in later times.

In late 1890s, fearing the ceaseless expansion of the Concession, local patriotic merchants called for a Chinese businessmen body that should be set up in Zhabei District, in order to avoid the further humiliation in the city. They donated much money to establish Zhabei Engineering Board in 1900, and then they built roads and houses in the self-rule area. Until 1920s, Zhabei Chinese area had about 256 large factories that covered almost the half number of this kind in Shanghai. In the area located on the north of Xinzha Bridge, the rice wholesale and retail business was once flourished.

During the devastating Anti-Japanese War, the area now called Night City was entirely destroyed by extensive air raids of the brutal Japanese forces. Since 1949, the new China government had implemented lots of plans to reconstruct the area. Since mid-1980s the great improvement in Shanghai Metro traffic has been made and modern shopping malls and quality hotels have been built around Shanghai Railway Station which is just north of Zhabei Night City, attracted more and more tourists at home and abroad. Investment from around the world liked the place so much too.

In recent years, youth playground, public library, Far East Night City and Baiyulan Cultural Plaza are modern cultural and leisure venues set up in Zhabei Night City. From 1997 onwards, by making use the advantages and characteristics of the area, many new, special tours involving eating, shopping and sightseeing have been introduced. Nowadays, Zhabei Night City provides 7,000 hotel rooms of different star levels; these make tour in Shanghai very convenient.