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No. 1 Zhongshan East Road

No. 1 Zhongshan East RoadNo. 1 Zhongshan East Road is located at north downtown of Shanghai near Huangpu River. After the 1st Opium War, British colonists wanted to enter this area where had the convenient traffic for their business. They declared that this area belonged to theirs privately. Then they began to build stores, residences here.

After that, more and more colonists came here for business or something else. In 1875, there were more than 60 oversea banks located here, such as Yihe, Changqi, Boshun etc. Lots of new factories set up; so many workers came here for their jobs. All of these reasons caused this area to develop as a modern area in that time. The entertainment was developed well, and was the first special entertainment area.

In order to improve the business environment, they utilized some rules in lopsided treaty to debase the impost. After that, they set up the second lease in Shanghai near the Huangpu River. After the First World War, the oversea business was busy, that made this area in busyness but unquiet. After the new China was founded, because of the government in that time, lots of foreign companies left No. 1 Zhongshan East RoadChina. That made the economy of Shanghai stopped and lots of people lost their jobs.

After the reform and opening, the center government improved their rules. That was helpful to lots of factories, companies, stores. Then the Shanghai Monument to the People's Heroes, was set up beside this road, it changed its names as No. 1 Zhongshan East Road in 1994.

Because of its position, beside the Huangpu River, the government built a dam to protect the buildings near the river. This dam is strong enough to against typhoon, tide and rainstorm. Then they built a long stage behind this dyke for sightseeing. You could stay here to have a view about pearl tower with Jinmao Plaza, International Hall. In 1995, the government planted to set lots of lights to decorate the brand. From then on, the beautiful light dancing over the Huangpu River is allured all of peoples’ sight.

No. 1 Zhongshan East Road is one of the most famous streets of Shanghai. That must be memorable in your China’s tour.


No. 1 Zhongshan East RoadNo. 1 Zhongshan East Road