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North Sichuan Road

North Sichuan Road is an ancient business street which is on the west bank of Huangpu River in Hongkou District, Shanghai. It was famous for the entertainments and diversified stores along this 3.7km street in the early 20th century. Nowadays it is also a famous a business street for slap-up and blue-chip shopping.

In 1877, the Qing's Guangxu Emperor ordered to set up a road which is from the seaport to the British lease for transport. It called Laobazi Road at that time. Along this street, there are two river pass by this area, Huangpu River and Suzhou River, which made this street become a main traffic street in old Shanghai. The convenient traffic also allured lots of businessmen coming here for their trade. Thus the street also became a business street quickly. In 1908, the first trolley car in Shanghai went though this busy street. One year later, the first cinema was appeared here.

Since then, Laobazi Road has been a famous shopping street in old Shanghai. More and more stores were set up; thousands of customers came here shopping every day. Lots of China's time-honored stores also established their stores here, such as Wuzhou Drugstore, New Dabei Tea Store and Fuxing Theater etc. Lots of cinema was set up here. Some can still be seen today, such as Shanghai Great Theater, Hollywood Cinema. Some foreign restaurants had been set up here after 1905. From then on, this street was a synthetically by business, bite and sup, traffic and entertainment.

In 1942, Japanese army invaded Shanghai; they occupied this area as their replenishment area. Lots of Chinese left here, stores were closed, and this area became a Japanese area. After 1945, the Japanese army was driven out, and this area rebuild immediately. All of stores, cinemas, theaters restarted their business as soon as possible. In 1946, this street changed its name as North Sichuan Road. After liberation of Shanghai, the government helped them to build new stores and new business environment, also ordained lots of good roles to improved their economy.

After Reform and Opening, the bankroll from overseas is helpful for behindhand Chinese economy at that time. After 1990s, North Sichuan Road becomes a world-class business street in Shanghai. Emporiums and mansions along this street are in classical and modern architectural styles, very eye-catching.

North Sichuan Road should be a good place for your tour, shopping Chinese traditional products and special craftworks.