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British Consulate in Shanghai   Fahua Pagoda and Confucius Temple in Jiading   Bund Waibaidu Bridge   Xiaotaoyuan Mosque   The Tomb of Xu Guangqi   St. Ignatius Cathedral (Xujiahui Cathedral)   Jardine Matheson House   The Ancestral Temple   Puji Bridge   Baiyunguan Temple   Dongjiadu Cathedral   Jing'an Temple   Longhua Temple and Pagoda   Customs House   Jinshan Fortification   Bank of China Tower   Bund's Origin   Chongming Chastity Torii   Chongming Study   Longevity Pagoda in Qingpu Town   Mother Huang Temple   Nissin Shipping Building   Notre Dame of Xujiahui   Qinglong Pagoda and Monastery   Sino-Russian Daosheng Bank Tower   Songjiang Yuanying Pagoda   The First House Floating in the Clouds   The Tomb of Tang Yicen   The HSBC Building   The Shanghai Club Building