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People's Avenue

People's Avenue is located at the downtown Shanghai. It witnessed the history of Shanghai. From Shanghai was founded on, this area is the core area in this big city.

Before 1843, there were cropland and bothies found only. The villagers here lived by farming and fishing. After the Opium War, more and more colonists went into China, with many leases were set up. They wanted more Chinese land, and plundered as much land as possible through a lot of pretenses. They droved the villagers who lived in this area out, and built a great hippodrome here. At first, as many other land settlement policy, this hippodrome was not allowed for Chinese, but the capitalist wanted more money, they opened horse betting for Chinese in order to capture their money. Lots of Chinese lost their money even their families' assets in horse betting. For this reason, Chinese fought colonist several times, but they were defeated by the impuissant Qing government and behindhand technology.

In the following decades, this hippodrome sucked lots of Chinese money. The Chinese citizens were full in pain. After the Second World War was broken out, Japanese army invaded China and occupied Shanghai. This area became the Japanese military base in that time.

After 27th May 1949, Shanghai was liberated, that bring a new life to Shanghai and its citizens. The new government order to take the hippodrome back and built the People's Square in this area with the People's Avenue go through it.

At the China's National Day in 1952, the People's Park which located at western People's Square was opened for public. The People's Avenue located at middle of People's Park and People's Square. This area becomes the center of Shanghai. The Shanghai government is located there also.

The goal of building this area is for congregation. In 2nd October 1949, there were more than 40 thousand people together here for congratulated the new China’s founded. In National Day of 1959, more than 600 thousand people coming here for a great conference and pageant.

In 1994, a new project was brought out, the government planed to rebuild the People's Square, the People's Park and the People's Avenue. After 2-year's building, a modern area appeared in the downtown Shanghai. The environment is clear and clean. More and more plants are growing here. It is called “the lung of city”.

People Street area has a devious history and a nice today, it will have a great future.