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Puji Bridge

Old bridges are the main tourist attractions in China, especially in the regions located in the lower reaches of Yangtze River. The existing ancient bridges in Shanghai now are mostly stone built and arch shaped. The earliest bridges here are from the Song Dynasty, like Puji Bridge located at Jinze Town in Qingpu District of Shanghai. It was built in 1267 (the third year reign of Song's Xianchun Emperor) and renovated about 300 years ago with stone fences added. Puji Bridge is the oldest and the best preserved ancient bridge in Shanghai.

The stone bridge is a single arch with a half circular base for small boat crossing on the water. It is 26.7m length and 2.7m width. Beautiful patterns are carved on the body of the bridge, but some of the most important images like the inscription "The Third Year of Xianchun" are so vague to see. The stone material used to build this bridge is purple stone, which is quite popular during the Song Dynasty in constructing stone arch bridges. When sun shines after a rain, the pavement on the bridge will be crystal-like brilliant, just like being gem paved. In 1985, Puji Bridge had been listed as cultural protection heritage by Shanghai government.