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Qibao Ancient Town

Many famous towns and cities are connected closely with religion in China’s history. Qibao Ancient Town is a typical example. Its name came from a temple named Qibao Temple.

In mentioning of forming of the ancient town, one should say something about the Lu's Brothers, who had been prominent writers flourished during the Three Kingdoms Period about 1,800 years ago. They were born in a wealthy family at Shanghai and attained great successes in literature when they were young. But unfortunately, they were executed together during an unrest caused by a Chengdu King, at that time they were just in their 40s. The descendants of the Lu's Brothers built an ancestral temple in memory of, called Lubao Yard, and later Qibao Temple.

A saying goes like this: If you want to see Shanghai in the past ten years, please go to Pudong New area ; if you want to see Shanghai in the past hundred years, please go to the Bund ; if you want to see Shanghai in the past thousand years, please go to Qibao Ancient Town.

Qibao Old Street is located in Qibao Ancient Town in Mingxin District Shanghai. It is famous for its diversity of snacks and the old-fashioned and historical buildings. Qibao Ancient Town has a 1000-year history. It owns the picturesque landscape and typical local customs. It is the nearest ancient town to Shanghai's downtown.

The Old Street could be divided into the Northern Street and Southern Street. Southern Street is featured of the local characteristic snacks, and the Northern Street was famous for its crafts and works of tourism, curio, calligraphy and painting. It has been a prosperous street for leisure, tour and shopping. Yinqixing indoor skiing field is the largest one in China. Tropic Storm is water paradise which is a superior choice to avoid the hotness of summer. It is one of the largest open-air water gardens.