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Qipu Road

Like Sijiqing (Evergreen) Fashion Wholesale Market in Hangzhou, Qipu Road is the biggest equivalent in Shanghai. Most products in the market are popular clothes that are welcomed by young people, as well as something posh and expensive found. In the past, the shops here are privately-owned, situated at the first floors of the residential buildings along the street. Nowadays Qipu Road Fashion Wholesale Market becomes a large, air-conditioned boutique shopping mall in Shanghai with parking spaces behind the mall.

Some locals think there are two blocks of buildings are worth to go in the shopping mall, New Qipu and Old Xingwang. The first floor of the New Qipu Building popular clothes from Guangzhou and Wenzhou in Zhejiang Province are sold. This floor is looked like a big fashion bazaar. Some attractive, Japanese style fashion stores are found on second floor. Third floor are big boutiques, but the brands are rarely seen in other fashion markets and quite common in quality.

There are two blocks of buildings for Xingwang Mall, the Old and the New, generally speaking, the Old is something better than the New which the best thing in it is just a food fair on the top floor. The first floor of the Old Building is selling goodies for cuties: beautiful shirts and skirts are to be found. They look like those published in local fashion magazines. On the second floor there are fitting rooms available for your convenience in many shops. Popular T-shirt is the main theme here. Prices are very reasonable. Third floor, lingerie, swimwear, children's wear and commodities are sold. A lot of bags and pockets are available also. Fourth and fifth floors are wholesale market which some of the shops on first and second floors buy quality fashion products from here.


If you want to avoid the most crowded times, you may visit the Qipu Road Fashion Wholesale Market during weekdays.

Try your best to bargain with the shops owners, as well as carefully and thoroughly check the clothes you are to buy before paying the money.

Take great care of your belongings especially your mobile phones, purses and something valuable in your bag or backpack while you are walking in the crowded mall.