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Residence of General Chou Enlai

Built during early 20th century, the European style three-storey architecture is on past celebrities' favorite Sinan Road, Luwan District, Shanghai. It has been called the Zhou Mansion, or the Residence of General Chou Enlai. Also known as the Shanghai Office of the Communist Party of China, which was established in June 1946, but at that time Kuomintang, refused the party to use the house as their office. Dong Biwu (1886 - 1975), the Secretary of the CPC in southern China, insisted to stay, and said, "If the office is not allowed, we can officially call it the 'Zhou Mansion'."

Initially the mansion was belonging to a French merchant working in China. It is a three-storey house with a basement. You will see a beautiful vine fleuret stands in the garden behind the entry gate. At the middle of the garden, a leafy giant pine tree is planted. In the meadow, the General Zhou Enlai had met the special envoy of the US President, General George Catlett Marshall, and some senior officials from Kuomintang, when he was living in the mansion. July 17, 1946, Zhou held an international news conference here, about 100 journalists from around flocked in to attend, but the space of the house and the garden was very limited, so they were standing on the balcony to listen to Zhou's speech.

Not so long after the grand news conference, because the tension was so high in the relation between CPC and KMT in Shanghai, the Central Committee of the CPC announced the office in the city should be moved back to their old stronghold in Yan'an, Shaanxi Province. Nationalist Shanghai government illegally occupied the house and moved out all the furniture inside. But the decoration had been resumed after 1949, the Liberation of Shanghai, by the CPC. The office of Dong Biwu has become an exhibition hall of CPC's history. Nowadays the furniture in Zhou Mansion is replica of the past.