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Residence of Huang Yanpei

Originally the former residence of famous educationist and politician Huang Yanpei (1878 - 1965) was used as residence of a senior official of a Jiangsu town. It had been built in 1859. Located on 1 Seventy-fourth Lane, Lanfentang, Chuansha Town in Pudong of Shanghai, the Chinese houses are of brick and wooden structure with a beautiful garden, the eaves and roofs are in brown color and the wall are white. Inside the main hall of the house, you can see much well-preserved, ancient wooden furniture and elegant chinaware are being displayed. The hall is typical traditional Chinese style decoration. The notable events during his long and meaningful life are vividly depicted by words and pictures in the grand showroom, a copper-cast bust of Huang Yanpei can be seen here also.

You can also find many book collections that were written by Huang Yanpei and about 270 letters sent between him and Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai and Zhu De.

Huang Yanpei and his family moved here at the age of 28. His educational career began at 29, when commissioned by prominent educationist Yang Sisheng (1851 - 1908), he established a middle school in Pudong area and he as the principal. Two years later, Huang Yanpei had been a councilor of Chuansha Town Cabinet and deputy director of election committee. In the following year, he became a standing member of Jiangsu Provincial Cabinet. Since then, he worked in Shanghai and Beijing until the age of 57. He kind-heartedly dedicated rest of his life for S's educational development.

The years of neglect has made the Residence of Huang Yanpei badly wear down, so most of the houses here had been demolished. Now only a few houses which were Residence of Huang Yanpei has been left. They have been repaired and renovated in 1991 under the direction of Shanghai Chuansha Town government, and reopened in May 1992.