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Shanghai Art Museum

Shanghai Art Museum is a non-profit institution for commonweal and public service. It is located in the prosperous west Nanjing Road. It is against the People's Square and near to Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Grand Theater, and Shanghai People's Park. As a multi-functional and well-equipped art museum, Shanghai Art Museum takes a great effect in modern times at home and abroad.

It was completed in 1933 with a British style building. During the variation and enlargement of the original buildings, the former neo-classicism characteristics have been totally reserved meanwhile the modernism style was also added.

The former name was the Shanghai art-exhibition museum opened in 1956 by Shanghai Branch of Chinese Artists’ Association. In 1983, it was rebuilt and in 1986, its name was changed to be Shanghai Art Museum. Currently, the collections include the classic works of Xu Gu, Ren Bonian, WU Changshuo, Zhang Daqian, Lin Fengmian and so on. Since its establishment, many important exhibitions were done here such as Countryside painting Exhibition of the 19thFrance, the French 250-year Painting Exhibition, Italian Renaissance-Art Exhibition, Qi Baishi Traditional Painting Exhibition and Pan Tianshou Traditional Painting Exhibition and so on.
In 2000, the new building of Shanghai Art Museum was established on the original site of Shanghai Library. The new building is the mixture of western architectural style and modern fashionable style.

There are 12 exhibition halls in Shanghai Art Museum. The coverage for exhibition is over 6000 square meters. Its modernized equipments give facilities for diversities of art exhibition and ensure the success of academic symposium and education-popularization movement with the help of the well-equipped lecture hall, meeting room, library, and art database. What else, the art-book shops, remembrance, gallery, cafe also bring the feeling of art to the visitors or passengers.

The number of collections in Shanghai Art Museum is over 8000. Depending on the mass collections, it is possible for the theoretical research on China's latter-day art history and gives convenience to collective preservation, exhibition, educational universalization and Sino-foreign exchange. Nowadays it becomes a new destination for travel as a new city symbol together with Shanghai Museum and Shanghai City Layout Exhibition Hall.