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Shanghai Climate

Open-air Movie Shanghai has four distinct seasons per year. Perhaps the golden time for Shanghai travel is autumn. The mild climate and comfortable temperature during this period are available and rain in this period is generally less than it in spring and summer. The moderate weather in Shanghai is impressive (annual average temperature is roughly 15 degrees centigrade) Shanghai is featured of warmth in spring, hotness in summer, coolness in autumn and coldness in winter.

The average annual precipitation in Shanghai is over 1,000mm, so Shanghai’s rainfall is pluuiose. Especially the time of the "Plum Flower Rain" period (frequent drizzle) is starting from mid-June to July. during summer, the rainstorm and gale are frequent, and in winter snow seldom appears in Shanghai. Generally shanghai in summer is humid and hot, besides July and August is likely to be the hottest and has an average temperature of 27.6 degrees centigrade. January is the coldest month in Shanghai in winter. Light clothes and heavy clothes are necessary when you plan to visit shanghai in different seasons. Perhaps the umbrella is also needed for avoiding rains.


Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Ave. Highs (℃) 7.6 8.7 12.6 18.5 23.2 27.8 31.8 31.6 24.7 22.4 16.8 10.7
Ave. Lows (℃) 0.3 1.1 4.9 10.4 15.3 20.1 24.7 24.7 20.5 20.5 8.6 2.7




rainy day spring day hot day