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Have a Look: Shanghai Concert Hall

Built in 1930 and originally called Nanjing Grand Theatre, in 1950 Beijing Cinema, and christened Shanghai Concert Hall in 1959. It is the first Western classical concert hall in Mainland China, many domestic and international musical festivals have been held during its history, and world renowned artists such as Isaac Stern, Alicia Larrocha, Igor Oistrakh and Yo-Yo Ma have performed here too.

A year after the Lumière Brothers invented motion picture film in France 1895, Shanghai had its first film screened, which was widely welcomed by local audiences, and the cinema and filmmaking became tremendous business opportunities in the metropolitan city during the early 20th century. A Shanghai local celebrity leased a parcel of land from Guangdong Chaozhou Chamber of Commerce in what now called East Yan'an Road to build Nanjing Grand Theatre, designed by a returned overseas Chinese architect in 1929, and completed in the following year. The first motion picture screened here was the American film Broadway, which was directed by Pál Fejös.

It is the very first Shanghai's Western classical building designed by a Chinese architect. The sound effect design was quite emphasized at that time because the transition period between silent film and sound era.

After a massive renovation in 2002, Shanghai Concert Hall's old designs and layouts are fully maintained, and it has car parking spaces and is quite close to bus stations and the Metro Line 8 station. The concert hall now regularly holds concerts of Chinese and Western classical music, recitals, and jazz.
Shanghai Concert Hall