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Shanghai Festival

Shanghai FestivalIn 1934, Chiang Kai-shek launched the nationwide New-life Movement. In Shanghai, the corresponding organization was also established to support it. In this context, Shanghai Municipal Government fixed the social-building year in 1935. In this year, the specific annual procedure was fixed as well. Among the annual activities, one noticeable local festival appealed for setup. That was Shanghai Festival.

The municipal official said: social construction was different from other forms of construction. The spiritual construction is also focused other than the material construction. The important part would be transferred from the superstitious tradition to a new-life movement. In Shanghai Festival, all people enjoyed fun in common activities. The new and healthy social tendency would be farming-encouragement, industry-support, business-support, diligence and thrift as well as reading. Amusement-popularization and amusement-socialization and mass-based education were also vitalized. 

On March 21, all day off. According to the announcement from social bureau of municipal government, the flags would be raised for celebration. Afterwards, the national flags were hung in all official departments, schools, organizations, shops and residents’ houses. All the public areas were all opened all day long for citizens free of charge such as the urban library, city museum, and the sectors of the municipal governments.
Pitifully, five months later, the outbreak of August 13 incident forced municipal government removed out. Shanghai Festival also became a part of memory in Shanghai history.