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Shanghai Godly Vegetarian Diet

Shanghai Godly Vegetarian Diet Established in Shanghai in 1922, Godly Vegetarian Restaurant (上海功德林素食, roughly pronounced: Shang Hai Gong De Lin Su Shi) has been the most famous Chinese vegetarian eatery at home and abroad. It is now located at 445 West Nanjing Road in one of the busiest parts of Shanghai Municipality, the restaurant building is in three levels of mixing traditional and modern architectural styles, consisting of a takeaway section, grand dining hall and several luxury balconies for VIP customers. The hall's dining tables and chairs are of rosewood made with elegant patterns carved and posh ambience with Buddhist touch, so that the environment is very suitable for holding birthday party, wedding banquet and company staff gathering.

The noodle soup serves here may be quite fatty, but don't be afraid, it is vegetable oil added in. In reality vegetarian noodles are everybody favorite in the restaurant, especially those served in the branch at 720 East Nanjing Road. Godly Vegetarian Diet has produced various sorts of vegetarian specialties, Dim Sum snacks, festive food (rice dumplings and moon cakes) and Western style cakes. Many Shanghai people like to buy several buns with vegetarian stuffing enjoying at their home and sharing with their families. 

Shanghai Godly Vegetarian Diet The vegetarian restaurant also creates a considerable number of meat-imitation dishes that cater non-vegetarian people's taste. They are made of vegetables, of course; however, their tastes are strong enough to satisfy everyone. You can find a lot of attractive dishes prepared by sorts of mushrooms and edible tree fungi.


445 West Nanjing Road (near North Chengdu Road), Jing'an District

720 East Nanjing Road