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Shanghai Science & Technology Museum

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum is located at the eastside of Century Avenue and the south side of Pudong New-Area Administrative center. It faces the Oriental Pearl TV Tower and neighborhood to Century Park. It makes full use of the new design conception and management methods shown in five exhibition halls respectively named Heaven and Earth, Life, Wisdom, Creativity and Future with three titles of human, science & technology and nature.

It has been successfully becoming the new-style science and technology center of exhibition and education, scientific research and exchange, collection and making, leisure and tourism. Shanghai science and technology museum is comprised of two independent lands. No.9 land for main building and No.11 for subordinate buildings, and the total area is 68728 square meters.

To be the most important science popularization base and important spiritual civilization-construction base, and based on the theme of nature, human and science and technology for residents’ cultural quality improvement and advancement of urban comprehensive competitiveness. Integrating education, scientific research and leisure with tourism and collection make many visitors impressive and unforgettable

Currently, Shanghai Science and Technology Museum is opened to all the customers. The museum has seven exhibition areas: the Earth's Crust, Life, Light of Wisdom, Audio-Video Paradise, Cradle of Designers, Children's Garden, and Natural Science. The diversities of animals show the kinds of animals, the lithosphere-exploration for showing the earth changing. The audio-visual center exhibiting the modern filmmaking technology, the cradle of designers titled the origin of idea, children science and technology park for children to experience fun of science and technology. Additionally, the spider exhibition to highlight the strange life of spider, Chinese ancient science and technology corridor show to highlight the ancient invitation of China, the explorer exhibition to show the famous scientists’ development at home and abroad .

There are four special cinemas in Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. That is wide screen cinema, global screen cinema, four-dimensional screen cinema and outer-space cinema. They make the largest cinema town on science and technology in Asia so far. Each year, the special films played are more than 8000.