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South Henan Road

In the year 1851, the northern section of the street had been built and called Old North City Gate Street because it was located at the north of the Old City area of Shanghai. It became Northern Gate Road in 1865, and named after a French naval officer Protet in 1872. Then in 1946 it became the name which is still used now presently, South Henan Road. After the Liberation of Shanghai, the street has been lengthened, expanded and annexed some nearby streets. The 2km long street is now at the southeast of Shanghai's downtown, linking with Central Henan Road to the north, stretching from East Yan'an Road to Jiangyin Street to the south. It is one of the main north-south traffic routes in Shanghai.

It was a prosperous business area at the Old North City Gate, which was partly belonged to the French Concession and Chinese residential areas. Zhonghui Tower (16 South Henan Road) was one of the famous financial and business office buildings at Shanghai in 1930s and 40s. In later times, South Henan Road has been an area of residential blocks with a lot of daily commodity shops set up on first floors. In 1990s, due to the nearness of the famous Yuyuan Commercial Tourism Area, South Henan Road's shops have become a part of it. By imitating the fine style of the Qing Dynasty, some elegant stone archways are erected along the adjacent Fuyou Road and Fangbang Road. Newly built modernized residential blocks and hotels were here also.

In the past there was the Temple of Ancestral Cotton, which was built during the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911) in memory of Huang Dao Po, who was a great master in ancient Chinese spinning technique during the Yuan Dynasty (1271 - 1368). The temple no longer exists now but the ancient lane outside is still here. In addition to the Temple of Ancestral Cotton, there are a lot of historical buildings which are worth to see for a Shanghai tour.