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Starbucks in Shanghai

Starbucks in Shanghai Today there are almost 60 branches of Starbucks in Shanghai, they provide excellent environment for personal leisure, business talks and lovers' dating in one of the busiest cities in Mainland China. It is good to have a cup of warm coffee with a piece of delicious sandwich and spend a few sleepy hours in the afternoon and look out to the street drowsily.

Most coffee items are served with reasonable prices by Western standard, and the sandwiches and desserts are ranging from 20 to 40 Yuan.

Something should be recommended here: The Starbucks branch at the tranquil Old Pier (Lao Ma Tou), No. 497 Lane near the always busy and crowded South Zhongshan Road, is stood amid the romantic garden scenery and by the side of a waterway. The pretty garden's design is according to the old Shanghai style, for instance, Dang Dang Car and pathway paved of egg-shaped rocks and stone pieces. The European style architected Starbucks Coffee has a hint to Shanghai Shikumen alley's nostalgic quality.

Entering the café, the coffee aroma is sent to your nostrils instantly; it is warm and making you relaxed, filling everywhere in the room. Have a cup of warm coffee and sit by the side of the sofa that is so near to the window glass, feel the mild sunlight shines through and the beautiful interior lighting, and the afternoon time flies pass fast...