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The Shanghainese and the British

We can find many traces of the British from the Shanghainese, because Shanghainese were influenced by the British so much in the old days. The old generation has spoken the English with British accent since the 1930s. 

The jazz bar on the first floor of Shanghai Peace Hotel maintains dense British style. The French window that looks on the street is so stately; pillars standing elegantly and compactly inside the bar which creates a large sense of space. The players of the famous gray-headed jazz band still wear suit decently when they perform, don’t make any mistake absolutely, as strict as British all the time.
Marks with sharp-cut British character scattered in various aspects of Shanghaineses’ life, even in the details. As a result, someone affirmed that Shanghai likes Britain most among all the cities in China. The Shanghainese like the British so much that we believe there is no difference between them. But actually, if we observe much more careful, we will find differences existing after all. 

There is no doubt that Shanghainese care about appearance; it’s the same as the British. Though several generations were crowed in a small room, men and women walked out of the pokey room still in decent dress: all men looked like gentlemen as well as all women looked like ladies. However, the British were the real gentlemen, every citizen worked selflessly for the public interest; they were ready to help other people silently. As for Shanghainese, they were not as good as British in this aspect, their appearances liked gentlemen so much, but the action didn’t. 

British paid a great attention to their families. Maybe they were the inhabitants who love the family best all over the world. And Shanghainese also loved their own family so much and could head the list in China. Once British had extra money, they were interested in constructing the house. According to the record of annual turnover provided by the building materials supermarket called “Do It Yourself”, it took the British over 8500 million Pound to buy building materials in this supermarket. And Shanghainese loved their house in the some way, the most important reason why they earned and saved money was for buying and decorating the house, they bought the house first when they had enough money. It seemed that Shanghainese loved their family as much as British, but looked at the decoration, difference revealed. Although many British were so rich, they pursued the comfortable but not luxurious or gorgeous decoration; it’s a manifestation of high civilization. As for Shanghainese, they held the opposite attitude. 

The most obvious common ground between the Shanghainese and the British was they were not romantic either. Maybe we can find life affective tone from Shanghainese, but their souls were full of realistic spiritual, they would never indulge themselves out of daily life. It’s so much like British’s rigidity, and it’s so boring exactly.