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The Symbols of Shanghai Life in 1920s

1, Accessories
Shanghai in 1930s, the high-class people were chasing after fashion and enjoy the luxurious lives. It was incomparable. They preferred the westernized life such as swimming, horse-riding, dancing, and golf-playing. They required the exquisite clothes and delicate accessories. Fashionable women chose different necklace, rings, bracelet, finger rings and brooch according to the different season and occasions. Regardless of the cheongsam or western-style suits, their ears, neck, fingers and wrists were all beautified with this jewelry. The price of these accessories was not high but they were welcomed. The sparkle brought Shanghai fashion. The curled fair matched with the transparent silk stockings, high-heel leather shoes, necklace, ear-rings, watches, leather bags was the most fashionable look. The female role was sufficiently emphasized. Many bill-boards was pasted the beauty figure. 

2, Typewriters
In 1930s, the popularization rate of English typewriters was roughly equal to that of the private yachts. It was said that the typewriter-users Gramophonewere either the high-level social status or the senior writing workers returned from abroad. The typewriter with the scutcheon CONTINEN-TAL quietly lay in the display-room released the delicacy. 

3, Gramophone
Nearly in all the romantic movies narrating old Shanghai, the images of gramophone were always the classical elements to add more attractions into movies. In 1930s, gramophone was the new-born music equipment which means the luxury. The soft music from the old disc of the gramophone indicated the decadence of Oriental Paris.

In movies made in 1930s, we were always seeing such a scene. The main character was taking a phone. He or she took up the transmitter and swayed it again and again. Later he sounded towards the mike ”hello, hello, hello, telephone exchange, I want to call XX”. In 1950s, if someone installed a telephone, it would be the important thing for attention in whole lane or streets. 

5、Candy Jar
In 1930s, when the girls married, twelve damask quilts, and two round-waist Candy Jars with red ribbon were necessary. The candy Jar was the symbol of richness. Generally, the poor men ate salt and rich men ate candy. The Jars could be divided into celadon and faint porcelain. Not all the families were able to provide candy jars to the newly-married couples.

6、Gentleman Stick
In 1930s, due to the popularization of western lifestyle, not only the women’s aesthetics was influenced by the western thoughts, but the man’s taste and habit also changed a lot. The deep illustration from Zhang Ailing on Shanghai gentlemen’s life details in her articles that the men admired by women were those who were rich, wise, good-looking and westernized. Since the new-culture movement in 1920s, the strong exchange and clash between China and western culture. People wearing western suits, curling their hairs and carrying the sticks were very welcome. Especially, those fashionable men who came back from abroad preferred to hold a tobacco pipe in mouth and carry a gentlemen stick. 

7、Month Brands
In 1920s, Month brands were greatly popularized. This was the successful advertising sign in old Shanghai. From it, people’s wish and hope for beautiful life were thoroughly released.

8、Pocket Watch
A gilded pocket watch with a golden chain was not only just for telling time but for showing man’s status and taste. The prices of old pocket watches are different from their ranks. The mass-accepted watches are available and the expensive watches like omega are also available.