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The Menu for 1972 Nixon Visiting to China

The menu for 1972 Nixon visiting to ChinaThe 1972 Nixon visit to China opened the gate of the communication between the United States and the People’s Republic of China, also was the first step in formally normalizing relations between the two countries. President Nixon remarked that the week he visiting to China changed the world. It’s an earthshaking event at that time. 

From February 21 to February 28, 1972, President Richard Nixon traveled to Beijing, Hangzhou and Shanghai. Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai arranged the state banquet for President Nixon and other U.S. officials in person. For a fleeting moment the menu of state banquet became a hot issue among external mass media. What on earth were these? Which dishes could appear on the table of state banquet? Are you curious? I will show you the interesting menu as follow. 

Cold dishes: Cold cucumber and tomato with dressing, salty chicken, vegetarian ham, braised crisp crucian crap, sliced roast duck with pineapple, Cantonese preserved meat, preserved duck, Chinese sausage, three-color eggs. 

Hot dishes: Sichuan bamboo shoot and egg-white soup, Shark’s fin soup with three shredded ingredients, King prawns in western style, dish covered with straw mushrooms, braise chicken with coconut, almond cheese. 

Refreshments: sweet pea pudding, fried spring rolls, dumplings of cinquefoil, fried rice cake, bread, butter, mixed fried rice. 

Fruits: cantaloupe, orange. 

Beverages: Maotai wine, red wine, Qingdao beer, orange juice, mineral water, ice block, soda water, plain boiled water.