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Wujiang Road

Wujiang RoadWujiang Road is the most famous snack street in Shanghai that is located at West Nanjing Road. It is famous for its delicious snack, typical Chinese food and Western restaurants. There are lots of food stores, restaurants along this kitchen-street.

The most famous snack is Pan-Fried Bun Stuffed with Pork. This small bun is a kind of famous traditional snack with a history about 100 years. This small steamed bread is famous for its thin hull but having heavy stuffing and heavy sapor. So it becomes famous in China that suit best of Chinese taste.

The Chinese noodle is popular here too. In China, there are lots of different kinds of noodles which are influenced by different places and climates. Every kind of noodle is in different tastes which are suit for every person comes from Wujiang Roadeverywhere.

Some typical Chinese restaurants found here are famous at home and abroad. You can taste every delicious food come from all over China. The famous western restaurants and Japanese restaurants are also of good quality. Additionally, the fried food served on Wujiang Road is much loved, such as fried fish, fried beef, and fried pork. The snacks are cheap but they are good in taste.

In this street, there are even lots of accouterments in Chinese style. You can buy these strange stuffs for your souvenirs in Shanghai tour. Some handmade craftworks are popular at home and abroad because of their Chinese characteristics.

Wujiang Road is a famous snack street which you won't be missed. That will give you a different taste in China and you may begin to love Chinese food!

Wujiang RoadWujiang Road