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Xiaotaoyuan Mosque

The mosque is located on 52 Xiaotaoyuan Street in the old city area of Shanghai. Built in 1917 by a Muslim cleric who was staying in Shanghai at that time and the mosque had been expanded to a square-base religious ceremonial establishment in 1925. The whole architecture is constructed strictly according to the Islamic style. The light blue wall surface is seen comfortably with stately columns and a dome at the top of the mosque, as well as the beautiful design of arch-shaped window frames. Nowadays this eye-catching religious establishment has been the main mosque in Shanghai and the headquarters of Shanghai Islamic Association.

Between 1919 and 1948, Shanghai was a sea traffic hub for Chinese Muslims who wanted to go pilgrimage to their Holy City of Mecca in Saudi Arabia, so Xiaotaoyuan Mosque had been a center for religious gathering for local Muslims. In 1953 and 1978, the mosque had been repaired and renovated twice.

Today's Xiaotaoyuan Mosque has a total construction area of 500 sq. m, it can accommodate about a thousand people to attend religious service simultaneously. There is a dome structure on the top, it is rare in Chinese mosque architecture. "Promoting Islamic Orthodox" is inscribed on a plaque, which is mounted above the doors. There are two columns of scripture from the Koran in Arabic inlaid on the doors too. The main hall is on the first floor, in the middle a crescent column, which is the symbol of Xiaotaoyuan Mosque, has been placed. Majestic stone platform with four chairs is for reciting scripture and reposing. The second and third floors are library and reading rooms, collected Chinese wood-carved version and the Hindi version of the Koran. In addition to the great scripture, there are a lot of religious relics to be found. Xiaotaoyuan Mosque reflects Shanghai has been a furnace of multicultural city in modern China.