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Xinhongqiao is a local nickname meant for ultra-modernized Hongqiao Economic and Technological Development Zone, and the distinguished New Gubei Community. They are near to Hongqiao International Airport in the west and not far from downtown Shanghai.

In 1982 Shanghai government decided to provide an area for foreign affairs and joint venture enterprises near Hongqiao Airport. They allocated a 0.652 sq. km of land to be the Economic and Technological Development Zone. After the completion of the initial project, the first international bidding was held in 1988. By 1993, every square meter of land could attract about 2,000 US Dollars of investment. Hongqiao Economic and Technological Development Zone has become the paradise for world's investment. The zone's characteristics are foreign trade and worldwide finance, with exhibitions frequently held. Business talks, offices and residential buildings set up, as well as recreation facilities.

Seasoning with the overall implementation of Reform and Opening-up Policy, in November 1984, Shanghai Government approved the Municipal Housing Bureau and Changning Regional Government to develop a new luxury housing Gubei area, which was as an auxiliary for the Hongqiao Economic and Technological Zone. The planned area was 1.366 sq. km with lots of quality facilities; New Gubei Community is one of the best housing zones in Shanghai. Carefully constructed according to traditional European style and principle, the most residential premises are low rise, with many beautiful villas.