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Yishan Road

Yishan RoadIf you want to find quality building materials for budget prices, Yishan Road will be an ideal place to go. It is in Xuhui District at the southwest of Shanghai's city center. Stores specialized in fitments are throughout the street.

These furnishings stores along Yishan Road sell interior fitments in Chinese and Western style. In Chinese fitment stores, they pay much attention on the balance of stuff. Every building, every furnishing is in balance about the shape and the material. Just like when you step in a traditional house of Chinese style, you will find that everything in it is harmoniously symmetry, including the chairs, tables and bonsais. This is because Chinese believe that balance is the greatest thing in the world, so most Chinese furnishings are very special and easy to be distinguished from other styles. This style of balance has begun to popular early 19th century in China. Many famous artisans believed that this style can show Chinese culture well. So it is still being used and today with many changes and improvements.

In addition to these stores, there are also many fitting stores that specialize in hardware, lighting and wooden decoration etc. They offered you all the materials you need in your house or apartment.