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Yunnan Road

Yunnan RoadYunnan Road Food Street is located near the junction of Yan'an Road and Tibet Road in Shanghai. There are restaurants that serve Shanghai, Jiangsu, Sichuan and Shandong cuisines set up on the street. Notably, some Chinese dishes are best and most attractive to Shanghai's first time visitor such as ever-popular Peking Roast Duck, mouth-watering Duck Soaked in Salty Water, local favorite Glutinous Rice Cake with Spare Ribs, delicious Plain Taste Chicken and spicy hot pot recipes, are widely available. For local Shanghainese, Yunnan Road is a great street for tasting delicious local style snacks.

Actually Yunnan Road is an old street of delicacies in Shanghai, having excellent location and it is an ideal place for tourists and food lovers. Because of its long history, most restaurants established on the food street are relatively larger ones, like famous Little Shaoxing Group and some big eateries that serve Sichuan hot pots. Chinese cuisine is the main theme on Yunnan Road, but there are a few not-so-authentic Western style restaurants can be found here. Generally speaking, Yunnan Road is a Chinese food street.

Today's Yunnan Road is renovated under the scheme planned by Shanghai Municipal Government. This is to improve the overall environment and attract more customers coming here. Thus Yunnan Road will become a tourist attraction and a paradise for gourmets in Shanghai.