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Yuyuan Road

In today's Shanghai, Yuyuan Road is tranquil in comparison with many busy streets in this big city. Interestingly, this street is known locally as "Gardens and Lanes Museum of Shanghai". In the lanes which are perpendicular to the street, the castle-like luxury houses are there. The Fountain Parkview is a new house garden with majestic gazebos. Its gate was constructed with Roman style columns on the two sides. These columns are elegant and not to be out of fashion for a feast of the eyes. By entering the doorway a wide lane will be in front of you. The architecture on the both side is of Spanish style. At the end of the lane, you will find strangely a Mahler (who was a British-born Jewish engaging horse betting and becoming rich in Shanghai during 1920s, he had a big and beautiful house located on 30 South Shaanxi Road) style villa, colored bricks and the architectural style will make you feel that you are reading a fairy tale.

Roman columns are magnificent on Yuyuan Road. The most interesting part of these columns is the top necking. There's no necking is the same in design here. In Siming Sports Village which is on Yuyuan Road, you can see a beautiful white villa. It looks like a miniature of the White House. The ambience is quiet all the time, and children are playing joyfully.